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Patrick Fairbairn on the Law’s Promise of Life

Patrick Fairbairn was a 19th-century minister in the Free Church of Scotland and Professor of Church History and Exegesis at Free Church College in Glasgow (now Trinity College). His most notable works included The Typology of Scripture, The Interpretation of Prophecy, and The Revelation of Law in Scripture. The following is an excerpt from his work An Exposition […]

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“You Forgot Something” A Reformedish Commentary on an Orthodox Commentary on the Sanctification Debates

On his blog Reformedish, Derek Rishmawy gives his thoughts on Gabe Martini’s Eastern Orthodox commentary on the current sanctification debate swirling in the Reformed world (and especially The Gospel Coalition). He notes that there is a major lacuna in Martini’s post: he doesn’t address the Reformed doctrine of union with Christ. Because of the reality […]

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Sanctification and the Heidelberg Catechism, Part One

Over at Reformation 21, Jon Payne has written this post on the subject of sanctification, as it is described in the Heidelberg Catechism (HC). This document, written primarily by Zacharius Ursinus in 1563, is one of the Three Forms of Unity, which together serve as the Continental Reformed counterpart to the British Westminster Standards. Some […]

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