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Setting the Record Straight on Lutheranism: Four Myths

Calvinists and Lutherans have a complicated history. Both traditions are rooted in the Protestant Reformation understandings of justification (sola fide) and authority (sola scriptura). Calvin himself acknowledged his debt to Luther and was even accused of being a Lutheran. In their early years, the two movements were able to find much common ground, and at […]

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Who Belongs in the New Covenant? Three Views and their Implications for Infant Baptism

Note: I originally presented the following paper in January 2013 for the second annual meeting of the Theological Fellowship at Covenant Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri. Introduction One of the ongoing debates within the evangelical world centers on the question of infant baptism—that is, should we baptize professing believers only, or should we baptize both […]

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A Neocalvinist Ecclesiology

Over at Cardus, Professor David Koyzis (whose book Political Visions and Illusions I have recently reviewed here) has written this article on the institutional church. The distinction between church as organism and as institution lies at the heart of Kuyper and Bavinck’s ecclesiology, and it is worth repeating some of Koyzis’s main points here (and I paraphrase): The […]

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