About Us

Allkirk Network is an online source for news and views relevant to the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) and related denominations. The title “Allkirk” encapsulates our guiding ethos: we are distinctively Presbyterian/Reformed (“kirk” is the old Scottish word for “church”), and we are committed to the confessional standards of our tradition. But we also seek to provide a forum for all voices within our tradition to speak. Moreover, we believe that the church’s mission extends as far as God’s work of redemption, which encompasses all spheres of life.

Allkirk Network thus rests on four basic pillars:

  • Confessional fidelity. Except in cases where they have registered differences/exceptions with their respective presbyteries, all of our contributors hold to the system of doctrine set forth in the Westminster Standards, including the Westminster Confession of Faith, the Larger Catechism, and the Shorter Catechism.
  • Ecclesial accountability. In keeping with the ethos of Presbyterianism, we value community, accountability, and transparency among our members. We believe that doctrine takes precedence over personalities, which is why we subject every original post to a peer review process.
  • Theological generosity. Disagreement between contributors/readers is both expected and welcomed. When appropriate confessional parameters are set in place, we believe that theological diversity can be a healthy thing for the church.
  • Transformational missionality. Allkirk Network is committed to a broadly neo-Calvinist/neo-Kuyperian view of the church’s mission. It is our passion and goal to think theologically about every area of life, and to guide the church’s practice accordingly.

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