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Racial Reconciliation and Ferguson, MO: Resources for Understanding

Over the past few months, the city of Ferguson, Missouri has been in the spotlight of national news. Ever since the death of Michael Brown, the city has experienced protest after protest. Both the citizens and the police seek to have justice done, yet many disagree over what that justice will look like, and ask […]

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Calvinists and Lutherans on Law and Gospel (Part 2)

This is the second post in my two-part response to Lutheran minister Jordan Cooper’s critique of John Frame, Professor of Systematic Theology at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando (Rev. Cooper’s critique can be found here, here, and here; part 1 of my response can be found here). Dr. Frame has called into question the traditional […]

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Calvinists and Lutherans on Law and Gospel (Part 1)

One of the ongoing debates within the Reformed world centers on the purported distinction between law and gospel. There are some who insist that such a distinction is an indispensable pillar the Protestant Reformation. But others see the distinction as a uniquely Lutheran doctrine that tends to eclipse the historic Reformed emphasis on the so-called […]

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