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“You Forgot Something” A Reformedish Commentary on an Orthodox Commentary on the Sanctification Debates

On his blog Reformedish, Derek Rishmawy gives his thoughts on Gabe Martini’s Eastern Orthodox commentary on the current sanctification debate swirling in the Reformed world (and especially The Gospel Coalition). He notes that there is a major lacuna in Martini’s post: he doesn’t address the Reformed doctrine of union with Christ. Because of the reality […]

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Roman Catholic Ecumenism: Let the Evangelicals Speak

Leonardo De Chirico has posted this piece on The Gospel Coalition, reflecting on the recent joint statement of Italian evangelicals living in the shadow of the Vatican. These evangelicals reaffirmed their commitment to the teachings of Scripture over against any extra-biblical dogmas. They hold to the agency and mediation of Christ alone for salvation, they reject the […]

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