Archive | July 12, 2014

When He Turneth Himself Unto Prayer, by Abraham Kuyper

5. When He Turneth Himself Unto Prayer How is this? Does the Lord turn Himself unto our prayer only after long delay? Is not He omnipresent? Is not every whispered and stammering prayer known to Him, before there is yet a word in the tongue? How then can the All-knowing One at first indifferently stand […]

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Summer GA Roundup

The summer avalanche of GAs is over.  Here a quick roundup and links to further info. The PCA GA has video archives here.  Rev. Dr. Bryan Chapell was elected moderator, the Cooperative Ministries Committee identified five key issues for future focus, and a universally approved Overture 6 to protect children.  The statistics for 2013 are […]

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