Archive | July 10, 2014

Transformationalism Is Not About Relevance

Look at all of these lost souls. There must be some way of getting through to them! But they’re bored with the gospel. They’ve heard it plenty of times before, and they just don’t care about the message of salvation by grace through faith. The church needs a new approach for a new generation… I […]

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In the Covert of Thy Wings, by Abraham Kuyper

4. In The Covert Of Thy Wings THE deepest question that governs our Christian life is that which touches our personal fellowship with God. And in the Book of Psalms, which is the richest outpouring of a devout heart, you see how the inmost longings ever and again go out after this Divine fellowship. Certainly […]

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Does Evolution Explain Religious Beliefs?

I just finished reading this interview at The Stone, where Gary Cutting talks with philosopher Dr. Michael Ruse about atheism, evolution, and religious belief. I must admit, I found Ruse’s comments to be surprisingly refreshing. Even though he’s a committed atheist, he exhibits none of the scorn or sarcasm of the Richard Dawkins-types (in fact, he expresses […]

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