Summer GA Roundup

The summer avalanche of GAs is over.  Here a quick roundup and links to further info.

The PCA GA has video archives here.  Rev. Dr. Bryan Chapell was elected moderator, the Cooperative Ministries Committee identified five key issues for future focus, and a universally approved Overture 6 to protect children.  The statistics for 2013 are up.

The EPC has their 34th GA — Video is available here.

A written report of the OPC’s 81st GA is here.  Photos are available.

The PCUSA 221st GA confirmed the denominations long trajectory by approving gay marriage.  They also voted to divest themselves from companies supporting the state of Israel.  GA Junkie has more links for those who are interested, or you can read their own summary in a full-color PDF.

The Anglican Church in North America held their 2014 Assembly and elected a new Archbishop.

For Cumberland Presbyterians, see GA Junkie’s blogpost.

The SBC had their Annual Meeting for 2014.

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