Is There Enough Time for Humans to have Evolved from Apes?

In this Youtube video, Dr. Ann Gauger of the Discovery Institute, a Seattle-based think-tank for Intelligent Design, talks about the evolutionary time frames needed to get from an ape to a human. Spoiler: there isn’t nearly enough time. Current estimates indicate that it takes about 6 million years for a single DNA mutation to become fixed within a population. But that’s the entire amount of time it supposedly took for humans and chimps to evolve from their common ancestor! Humans and chimps have thousands of genetic differences. What this all means is that the theory of Darwinian evolution fails even on its own presuppositions. See the video here:

For more information on the subject of human origins from an ID perspective, check out the book Science & Human Origins by Ann Gauger, Douglas Axe, and Casey Luskin (Seattle: Discovery Institute Press, 2012).

About Kyle Dillon

A teaching elder in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), assistant pastor of theological instruction at Riveroaks Reformed Presbyterian Church, and theology/languages teacher at Westminster Academy in Memphis, Tennessee.

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