Resources on Neo-Calvinism and Two Kingdoms



  • Smith, James K.A. “Reforming Public Theology: Two Kingdoms, or Two Cities?Calvin Theological Journal 1 (Apr 2012): 122-137.
  • Bavinck, Herman. “The Catholicity and Christianity of the Church.” Translated by John Bolt. Calvin Theological Journal 2 (Nov 1992): 220-251.
  • Kloosterman, Nelson. “A Response to ‘The Kingdom of God Is Twofold’: Natural Law and the Two Kingdoms in the Thought of Herman Bavinck by David VanDrunen.” Calvin Theological Journal 45.1 (Apr 2010): 165-176.
  • Lief, Jason. “Is Neo-Calvinism Calvinist? A Neo-Calvinist Engagement of Calvin’s ‘Two Kingdoms’ Doctrine.” Pro Rege 37.3 (Mar 2009): 1-12.
  • Plantinga, Cornelius. “The Concern of the Church in the Socio-Political World: A Calvinist and Reformed Perspective.” Calvin Theological Journal 1 (Nov 1983): 190-205.
  • Venema, Cornelis. “One Kingdom or Two? An Evaluation of the ‘Two Kingdoms’ Doctrine as an Alternative to Neo-Calvinism.” Mid-America Journal of Theology 23 (2012): 77-129.


About Kyle Dillon

A teaching elder in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), assistant pastor of theological instruction at Riveroaks Reformed Presbyterian Church, and theology/languages teacher at Westminster Academy in Memphis, Tennessee.

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