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Pride and Privilege in the American Church

The events in Ferguson, MO over the past few weeks have been like a social earthquake. The shooting of Michael Brown has revealed again the fault line in American race relations, and one overwhelming theme rising from the discussion is we don’t understand each other. Or to be more specific, whites, on the whole, don’t […]

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Hospitality protects Sphere Sovereignty

Over at the Gospel Coalition Bethany Jenkins has a good piece on the role of hospitality in the midst of societal breakdown.

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Repentance and Restoration

I’ve been thinking a lot about repentance these days. I question the seasons I encounter as my life changes. Sometimes my repentance comes daily, other times the weeks go by so fast I find myself in the pew again on Sunday morning beginning our corporate time of worship, “Okay, Lord, seven days just flew by!” […]

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