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Transformationalism Is Not About Relevance

Look at all of these lost souls. There must be some way of getting through to them! But they’re bored with the gospel. They’ve heard it plenty of times before, and they just don’t care about the message of salvation by grace through faith. The church needs a new approach for a new generation… I […]

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Guest Post: There’s Freedom, and then There’s Freedom

It is the fourth of July and “freedom” is ringing loudly from every fair, shopping mall, and even some churches. As I drove past a Presbyterian church on this Independence Day, these words were emblazoned on their sign facing the main road: “Happy Fourth of July!  For freedom Christ has set us free! Galatians 5:1″ […]

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What Is a Culturalist Presbyterian?

In 2010, Tim Keller wrote an essay titled, “What’s So Great about the PCA,” in which he identifies three branches of the PCA.1 These branches—which share a common DNA in the Reformed tradition—don’t have to be mutually exclusive, and often they differ more in emphasis than in substance. However, I think they are appropriate categorizations […]

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